MLS Benefits for Real Estate Professionals

The Costa Rica MLS allows brokers & sales Agents to specialize, access verified inventory, co-broker, generate buyer leads, and manage & sell properties faster & more effectively online.

The MLS enables Broker/Sales -Agent instantly:

  • Specialize (i.e. industry specifics like farms, buyer representation, seller Representation,..)
  • Access verified inventory
  • Co-broker thanks to MLS automatic listing agreements
  • Expand sales network
  • Generate leads from buyers around the world
  • Promote & service clients in 7 languages
  • Automatically participate in many MLS referral programs
  • Manage and sell properties faster & more effectively online
  • Access to vetted new developer product
  • Negotiate exlusive contracts
  • Benefit from the marketing of others
  • much more...

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Add-ons for MLS Members:

  • Real Estate Websites with MLS integration
    aka PLONE CMS (Enterprise Content Management Systems)
    - Enjoy the full power of the MLS from within your own site
    • Unlimited pages with easy design tools
    • Customize property searches
    • Customize results
    • Customize product display
    • Unlimited changes and massive functionality
    • Unlimited server requests
    • Hosting  & system admin
    • Domain & email services
  • Social Media Marketing
    (available to plus plan subscribers only)
  • Mail Campaign Marketing
    (available to plus plan subscribers only)
  • SEO & Adword Campaigns
    (available to plus website & premium plan subscribers only)